Affordable Mortgage Protection Plans

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Your home is your biggest investment, and the mortgage is one of the biggest responsibilities. We’ll help you protect it with an affordable insurance policy.

Mortgage protection insurance (MPI) is a type of life insurance designed to protect your family from heavy mortgage payments if the head of the household is no longer there to provide.  This is not to be confused with private mortgage insurance (PMI), which protects the lender.

Avoid Foreclosure

So, you’ve made the commitment to buying a home. Depending on the loan you select, you might devote yourself to three decades of payments. But if you become too disabled to work or die unexpectedly, what will happen to your home? Your surviving loved ones would take on an enormous debt. You need a product that helps your family cover the mortgage and stay in the home — even after you’re gone.

No Underwriting Involved

Unlike traditional life insurance, mortgage protection insurance doesn’t involve underwriting. This can make MPI more affordable if you’re sick or you work a high-risk job. No lab tests. No medical exams.

How Does MPI Work?

MPI works similar to other kinds of term life insurance: You purchase a policy. You pay regular premiums. At the end of the policy term, it expires. If you pass away during your policy term, your insurer pays the balance to your mortgage company directly. If you don’t pass away during the term, your policy expires. The term lengths of MPI policies are somewhat flexible; you can typically select them in 5 or 10 year intervals. The term length may be limited to match with mortgage terms. It may also depend on your age.

MPI Riders

With mortgage protection insurance, you can obtain many of the same add-ons or “riders” as you can with a standard term life policy, like: Return of premium rider Disability waiver of premium rider However, you can add 15 or 30 year riders to increase the policy term, if needed. Contact us for any questions.

Need MPI? We’ll Help You Find the Best Deal

If you’ve recently closed on a home, you’ll get many mailers — solicitations for mortgage protection insurance. It can be hard to know who to trust. 


We represent the top-rated MPI companies. Don’t spend hours searching for rates when you could get help from the experts. One of our agents will work with you to find the best deal. Reach out to our team today!